UCARConnect Feature: October 2014

What's Hot? Solar Research

Sun-Earth Connection

Solar research is hot, really hot! Solar telescope instrumentation and observatories on Mauna Loa and Haleakala in Hawaii are poised to enlighten our understanding of not only the Sun, but its bursts of flares and coronal mass ejections that threaten Earth's electrical and communication systems from a mere 93-million miles away.

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Researcher Profile

Alice - Observing a solar eclipse with eclipse team.

Happily Inquisitive Alice

Alice Lecinski has been writing software code for HAO's solar instruments group for years, but its when the instruments are put to use that she really lights up.

Hot Solar Science Videos

Solar Research at NCAR

What's Hot? Solar Research at NCAR

At the National Center for Atmospheric Research, scientists are building new solar instruments for Hawaiian-based observatories that will greatly advance our knowledge of the Sun and space weather.

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