NOTICE: UCARConnect Website Retirement

The UCARConnect website will be retired and brought offline in early September.  The UCARLive broadcasts will be hosted on the site after that time.  Stay tuned for more information.

About UCARConnect

Why UCARConnect?

fiber opticsNCAR, UCAR, and its consortium of university members, address many of the most complex challenges of our time: weather extremes, climate change, water scarcity, big data, STEM education…. With this comes a responsibility to communicate, collaborate, share, and foster knowledge that broadly advances scientific literacy, the next generation of scientists, engineers, and computational thinkers, and ultimately fosters innovative solutions to today’s and tomorrow's challenges. UCARConnect is a response to this need and the rapid technological changes and opportunities that have great potential for STEM teaching and learning.

Let us know how we can be responsive to the needs of the Earth system science educational community. We're here for you. Contact UCARConnect, and be sure to sign up for periodical notices of webcasts, webinars, and UCAR Connect news.