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About the Sun

Links to educational materials from NCAR's High Altitude Observatory, including a pictorial introduction to the Sun, a slide show on the solar astronomy of the Anasazi in the prehistoric Southwest, solar physics history and biographies, a tutorial on the physics of the aurora, and more

Background on Weather & Climate

A quick look at the science and issues involved in major weather and climate topics researched at NCAR & UCAR, including climate change/global warming, hurricanes, the nitrogen cycle, a glossary of major patterns influencing weather and climate, a thunderstorm glossary, and background on wildfires and fire weather.

NSF's Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities

Digital Guide to NSF's Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities

Through text, video, infographics, maps, timelines, and downloadable content, LAOF provides an unparalled tour of NSF's meteorological and atmospheric research platforms that are taking geosciences research to the next level. The tool is supported by NSF, NCAR, the University of Wyoming, Colorado State, the Center for Severe Weather Research, and CIRPAS.

Elementary GLOBE

Elementary GLOBE

Elementary GLOBE is designed to introduce K-4 students to the study of Earth system science. The complete instructional unit includes science-based storybooks and learning resources designed to introduce students to key concepts in water, soil, clouds, seasons, and Earth system science. 

GLOBE Field Campaigns

GLOBE K-12 Field Campaigns

GLOBE field campaigns are regional and worldwide projects that provide students with hands-on opportunities to explore and learn about Earth through a network of students, teachers and scientists. GLOBE field campaigns are grounded in real science embedded in an inquiry-based, collaborative approach.

GLOBE Investigations

GLOBE K-12 Investigations

GLOBE Science Investigations are divided into five themes: Earth as a system, atmosphere, hydrology, soil, and land cover/biology.  Each theme consists of measurement protocols, field guides and data sheets designed to help collect accurate scientific data.

Interactives and Simulations

Interactives and Simulations

Enjoy a wide selection of interactives and simulations related to weather, climate, atmospheric science, and space weather education from educators at NCAR.

K-12 Teaching Boxes

Teaching Boxes are themed collections of standards aligned and classroom-ready educational resources to build student understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with K-12 students.

Met Ed Module

MetEd from the COMET Program

COMET's MetEd program offers free, interactive, online training on a wide range of topics in meteorology, climatology, hydrology, oceanography, environmental science, and more. MetEd is a service of UCAR's COMET Program with resources provided in Spanish as well as resources in other languages.

NCAR Mesa Lab Visitor Center

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) sits nestled against the foothills to the Rocky Mountains.  NCAR's Visitor Center, open to the public seven days a week, offers state-of-the-art exhibits, a variety of public tour options, and custom school field trips.

NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center

NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Visitor Center

Enjoy a free, self-guided tour that offers an informative view of weather, climate, supercomputing and the broad spectrum of atmospheric research at a world-class science laboratory and supercomputing center. Find out about computational science and see one of the fastest supercomputers in existence today.

NCAR's Earth Observing Lab Education and Outreach

As part of its mission, EOL promotes curiosity about earth science, an advanced understanding of the science and process of atmospheric research measurements, and various  school and field campaign outreach events. EOL also offers in-depth orientations on meteorology and engineering observation tools for primarily higher education audiences.

Photos and Multimedia Libraries from NCAR

The Visuals & Multimedia Gateway provides online access to multimedia for presentations, classroom instruction, and outreach including photos, illustrations, animations, video, and other formats.

Spark K12 Activities

UCAR Center for Science Education K-12 activities

The UCAR Center for Science Education provides online educational resources and professional development opportunities for educators in Earth system science to build a bridge between scientific research and education by engaging people in the wonder and relevance of science. Resources are created to enhance scientific literacy, workforce development, and community engagement.

Unidata IDV visualization

UNIDATA Software Tools

In an era of increasing data complexity, accessibility, and multidisciplinary integration, Unidata provides a rich set of software tools to access and visualize data in the geosciences.

Water Vapor Visualization, VETS

Visualization and Enabling Technology Section (VETS)

NCAR's Visualization and Enabling Technology Section (VETS) within the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) provides a host of visualization software including the NCAR Command Language, NCAR Graphics, and VAPOR. In addition, VETS provides numerous visualization services and freely available examples of NCAR visualizations both online and onsite in their 3D Visualization Laboratory capable of stereo projection.

Web Weather For Kids graphic

Web Weather For Kids

Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities, and practice the art of forecasting the weather on Web Weather for Kids!