NOTICE: UCARConnect Website Retirement

The UCARConnect website will be retired and brought offline in early September.  The UCARLive broadcasts will be hosted on the site after that time.  Stay tuned for more information.

This summer, scientists from NCAR, NOAA, NASA, universities, and state agencies will converge on Colorado to research ground level ozone and summertime air quality as part of the FRAPPÉ field campaign. Learn more about this summer's research and air quality educational resources in this month's feature.

Education Spotlights

Denver Smog

Air Quality Teaching Box

Air pollution takes many forms - from particles of soot large enough to see, to individual molecules of ozone and nitrogen oxides. Air quality measurements let people know when the amounts of pollutants pose a health risk. This teaching box is filled with educational resources that help students explore the science of, and solutions to, air pollution.

Grades 3-8