How can communities ensure resilience to weather and climate extremes happening more frequently around the globe? NCAR's Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership (ECEP) seeks improved societal planning for weather and climate risks through meaningful partnerships; cutting-edge engineering, science, and technology; data-informed tools in support of decision making; and, a graceful failure approach to reduce catastrophic impacts.

Meeting of the Minds by James Done

James Done makes the case that a meeting of the minds between scientists and community stakeholders is essential to aligning the use and production of scientific resources and tools to help build community resilience to weather and climate extremes.

Education Spotlights

Weather and the Built Environment

Weather and the Built Environment from COMET MetEd

This short course provides broadcast meteorologists, educators, and the public with an overview of the evolution of our modern urban environment with a focus on impacts on the urban watershed, air quality, and climate. 

General public, Informal education, Grades 9-12, Undergraduate