NOTICE: UCARConnect Website Retirement

The UCARConnect website will be retired and brought offline in early September.  The UCARLive broadcasts will be hosted on the site after that time.  Stay tuned for more information.


The vision and mission of UCARConnect originated with a small committee from across the organization that met in spring 2013 under the leadership of IT Director Shawn Winkelman and Communications writer and media associate Zhenya Gallon with other staff providing input and direction: Bruce Muller (COMET); Raj Pandya and Teri Eastburn (UCAR Center for Science Education); Jeff Van Damme (Multimedia Services); Cindy Schmidt (University Relations); Marijke Unger and Stephanie Barr (CISL); and Kate Legg (Digital Learning Sciences). With the rapid technological changes underfoot, richer opportunities to engage with key stakeholders, and an ongoing need for and attention to knowledge management and access, the committee began formulating a vision for UCARConnect. The site would synthesize and provide ease of discoverability to UCAR's rich collection of public and education-focused resources, but also amplify, echo, and synthesize content using rapidly expanding digital tools and services. UCP Director Emily CoBabe-Ammann arrived at UCAR in the mist of UCARConnect discussions and helped to formulate its direction and garner institutional support, transforming an idea into a reality. 

Likewise, at the UCAR Members Meeting in October 2013, input was gathered as to how UCARConnect could be most responsive to UCAR's University Member needs. Access to webcasts and webinars, video conversations between scientists and university course students, and internet video conferencing were mentioned most frequently.  The Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College was also discussed as a model for engaging higher education professionals in educational resources, pedagogy, and transformative workshops.

UCARConnect representatives will continue to reach out, listen to, and respond to the needs of its University Members to ensure the sites viability, usability, and worth to key stakeholders.