Climate Change, Adaptation, and Health

Presenter: Healthy Developments, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Date: Monday, May 2, 2016
"Climate change adaptation and health’ is a short animated film that aims to inform viewers in an entertaining and easily understandable way about the impacts of a changing climate on human health. The film aims to raise awareness on the urgency of adaptation measures in the health sector to increase its resilience and responsiveness to negative consequences of climate change. Hence, the film shares information on direct and indirect consequences for human health caused by, i.e., natural disasters or altering permissive environments for malaria and dengue fever. Subsequently, the health system must be strengthened at all levels and the burden of diseases needs to be monitored, compared with climate data and analysed. This enables a need-based planning in the health sector and other sectors. "
Topics:Climate and Climate Change, Human Impacts, Air Quality and Pollution, Health, Policy and Society
Audience:General public, Middle school, High school, Higher education
Copyrights: GIZ Standard YouTube License