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Human Health and Vector-Borne Disease Research at NCAR

Presenter: Mary Hayden and Andy Monaghan
Date: Monday, May 2, 2016

This video is about Climate and Health, specifically vector-borne diseases, and the work of medical anthropologist Mary Hayden and meteorologist Andy Monaghan at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Together, they emphasis the uniqueness of their research that combines traditional medical anthropology,  which customarily only focuses on the biological, linguistic, cultural, and social perspectives of disease. Those within NCAR's Climate Science and Applications Program (CSAP) have added the climate and weather component to the study of public health.

The study of weather, climate, and health is a unique area of research at NCAR. Two-year internships are available for postgraduate students interested in this area of study. It is offered by both NCAR and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Learn more about the internship here:

Topics:Climate and Climate Change, Human Impacts, Health
Audience:General public, Informal education, High school, Higher education

Credit: UCAR Center for Science Education, Producer/Editor: Teri Eastburn