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NCAR & UCAR Member Universities Contribute to Climate & Food Security Report

Presenter: Lawrence Buja, Director, Climate Science and Applications Program
Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lawrence Buja shares the importance of collaboration in the recent report, "Climate Change, Global Food Security, and US Food System." Buja is an NCAR Senior Scientist, PI for the report, and Director of the Climate Science and Application Program (CSAP), which carries out interdisciplinary research on social, economic, and health activities related to climate and weather at local, regional and global scales. An important component of this program is the integration of decision-makers and users of climate information into CSAP's societal research activities.

"NCAR may not seem like an appropriate contributor to the topic of food security," says Buja, "but when you consider our expertise for decades on climate change, and the UCAR consortium of universities' great expertise in both climate and agriculture, the appropriateness is self evident."

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Topics:Earth System, Climate and Climate Change, Land and Vegetation, Computer Modeling
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