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NCAR's Research Data Archive (RDA)

Presenter: Steve Worley and Sophie Hou
Date: Monday, November 14, 2016

NCAR's Research Data Archive is a general large-scale reference dataset archive, meaning that the datasets contained within it often cover global spatial scales and long-time temporal scales. There are more than 12,000 different users who access the RDA annually, over 600 collections, and more than 1 petabyte of data in the RDA currently. The RDA is extremely valuable to users because it is maintained and preserved following community accepted best practices in a framework supported with standard metadata and data formats.

The RDA derives data from many sources including:

  • locally from many NCAR projects,
  • national Weather Services from around the world, e.g. NOAA in the USA, and others in Europe and Asia,
  • National government facilities, National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI),
  • Academic institutions, e.g. most recently Ohio State University and the University of Utah.

It is appropriate for NCAR to host the RDA because NCAR has local and NSF-funded scientists working on computing systems and they need convenient access to many data resources that RDA offers. As a world leading research organization, NCAR also shares data distribution responsibilities with our peer organizations and, finally, NCAR has the IT infrastructure to archive and serve large data collections, and preserve them for the long-term. All these characteristics are important for the RDA.

Topics:Education & Training, Earth System, Research Tools, Computer Modeling, Data and Data Analysis
Audience:General public, Informal education, Higher education, Graduate/professional

Copyright: UCAR

Producer/Video: T. Eastburn