Q&A with Scientists on Earth's Global Electric Circuit

Presenter: J. Forbes, W. Deierling, J. Thayer, A. Richmond, L. Kalb
Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Research conducted within The Frontiers of Earth Dynamics:  Electrical Connections and Consequences within the Earth System is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and includes an interdisciplinary team of researchers, largely from the University of Colorado, National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Penn State. Together they are seeking to better understand electrical connections throughout Earth's atmosphere. This is commonly referred to as Earth's global electrical circuit. Their research will contribute to a three dimensional model of the system, which aid future research and understanding.

Find out more about Electrical Connections and Consequences within the Earth System at the research Website: http://sisko.colorado.edu/FESD/Public.htm

Topics:Earth System
Audience:General public, High school, Higher education

Interviews conducted by T. Eastburn Contributing Scientists: Jeff Forbes, CU; Weibke Deierling, NCAR; Jeff Thayer, CU; Art Richmond, NCAR; Lisa Kalb, NCAR; Victor Pasko, Penn State.

Additional interviews with other scientists and with broader questions are located on the research's website: sisko.colorado.edu/FESD/