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Summertime Air Quality with FRAPPÉ

Presenter: Frank Flocke, Gabriele Pfister
Date: Monday, June 2, 2014

Principal Investigators Frank Flocke and Gabriele Pfister share the what, why, and how of this summer's air quality field campaign in Colorado. FRAPPÉ - the Front Range Air Quality Photochemistry Experiment – aims to characterize and understand summertime air quality in the Northern Front Range Metropolitan Area.

FRAPPÉ is a collaborative effort between the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, the University of Colorado and Colorado State University, UC Berkeley, and other university collaborators, local projects and agencies including local school districts, NASA, NOAA, and NCAR. This mission will be closely coordinated with the NASA DISCOVER-AQ project, which has agreed to conduct their final aircraft deployment in the Colorado Front Range.

Topics:Earth System, Human Impacts, Air Quality and Pollution, Field Projects and Instruments
Audience:High school, Higher education

Production and Editing:

  • Teri Eastburn, UCAR Center for Science Education
  • Steve Deyo, UCAR COMET Program


  • Frank Flocke, Scientist PI
  • Gabriele Pfister, Scientist PI
  • David Hosansky, UCAR Communications


  • NCAR
  • EPA
  • Video Blocks 
  • FEMA
  • NOAA
  • NASA
  • Conceptual Connetions