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Warm Weather Extremes - with Jeff Weber

Presenter: Jeff Weber, NCAR Scientist w/ Unidata
Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Severe thunderstorms are likely this week. Tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail will all be possible with any storms that develop...."  

Weather briefs like this one are fairly common over much of the US as summer rolls in. So much for the lazy days of summer!

Yes, weather is always with us but it often feels that as spring and summer roll around, the variety of weather extremes seem to multiply in the United States. Thunderstorms bring rain, lightning, tornadoes, hail..., but let's not forget about other warm weather extremes such as derechos, haboobs, fires, and floods. Jeff Weber, UCAR Unidata scientist, rounds up a good portion of what is typical during the not so lazy and hazy days of summer, at least as far as the weather sometimes goes. 

Topics:Earth System, Weather Research, Field Projects and Instruments
Audience:General public, Informal education, Upper elementary, Middle school, High school

This video was produced by Steve Deyo, COMET, and Teri Eastburn, UCAR Center for Science Education in June 2014 for UCARConnect.  Additional Media Credits are noted via the video's ending credits.