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Wings: Aviation Decision Support at NCAR

Presenter: Scott Landolt, Marcia Politovich, Julie Haggerty
Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One of the areas of expertise at NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory (RAL) is providing advanced weather technologies to support aviation. Scientists Scott Landolt and Marcia Politovich share their work on aircraft deicing both prior to takeoff and aloft. Politovich likewise shares the danger of supercooled liquid water to aircrafts and how water remains in liquid state despite temperatures being below freezing.  

Inflight icing is both an aviation safety and efficiency issue. Icing is a cause or factor in numerous fatal aircraft accidents. Yet, current official forecasts typically cover more space and time than needed and thus deny use of aircraft or airspace unnecessarily. Avoidance of icing conditions would be possible with improved operationally--available, high--resolution, accurate diagnoses and forecasts. NCAR scientists are working with the Joint Planning and Development Office of the Next--Generation Air Transportation System, both to guide forecast and observational requirements, and to identify potential operational impacts and training/education needs for the future.

NCAR Scientist Julie Haggerty introduces one of the more recent aviation hazards to be discovered – ice crystal ingestion by aircraft engines in flight that can potentially cause an engine shutdown.  An international field campaign addressing this hazard is occuring in Australia in 2014.  It will include NCAR scientists and others from around the world with major funding coming from NASA, the FAA, Transport Canada, the Boeing Company, Environment Canada, and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Other areas of NCAR expertise in aviation decision support include convective storm nowcasting and forecasting; atmospheric turbulence; numerical weather prediction; remote sensing; data assimilation; precipitation physics; ceiling and visibility; oceanic weather; and verification methods.

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