Career Profiles

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Alice Lecinski

Alice Lecinski, Scientist - HAO Instrument Group

Happily Inquisitive Alice

Discipline: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Engineering, Software engineering

Andrea Sealy

Andrea Sealy, Meteorologist

Fitting new pieces into the African drought puzzle

Discipline: Hydrology, Hydrometeorology, Agricultural meteorology

Bret Harper

Bret Harper, Renewable energy consultant

Recovering energy and cultural resources

Discipline: Engineering, Environmental engineering

Chris Davis

Chris Davis, Director, ASP Program; NCAR Senior Scientist

Hurricane Researcher and Mentor

Discipline: Meteorology, Mesoscale meteorology, Synoptic-scale meteorology

Christopher Castro

Christopher Castro, Assistant Professor

In pursuit of the Southwest's monsoon

Discipline: Climatology, Education, Meteorology

Cory Morse

Cory Morse, Software Engineer

Engineering software for safer skies

Discipline: Engineering, Software engineering

Fei Chen

Fei Chen, Senior Scientist

Teasing out land-atmosphere interactions

Discipline: Meteorology, Weather forecasting

Geoffrey Tyndall

Geoffrey Tyndall, Atmospheric Chemist

Spying on molecules in motion

Discipline: Atmospheric chemistry, Physics

Jack Fox

Jack Fox, Manager

Crafting instruments to probe the atmosphere

Discipline: Engineering, Mechanical engineering

Larry Cornman

Larry Cornman, Physicist

Smoothing the way for air travel

Discipline: Physical meteorology, Physics

Mari Tye

Mari Tye, Project Scientist

Engineering Her Way

Discipline: Climatology, Environmental engineering, Environmental science

Maura Hagan

Maura Hagan, Physicist

Combining research and mentoring

Discipline: Astrophysics, Physics